About Open Arms and Loving Hands

Our History

Our senior management team, Marsha Thompson and LaKesha Adams, started out as co-workers at a metro-Atlanta nursing facility in 1995. Together they have over 20 years in healthcare experience and extensive knowledge about industry trends. After being approached many times to become private caregivers ourselves, or asked if we could simply refer someone else, a realization was made. Despite the increase in employees in the nursing field, there was a great need for quality, skilled, professional caregivers. We knew that we could meet that need. From that, "Open Arms and Loving Hands" was created. Our name stems from the many offers of support, both personal and professional, that were extended to us throughout the years. It was by the outstretched arms and loving hands of our faith, family, and friends that brought our dreams to fruition.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest-caliber healthcare professionals and deliver the highest-quality care, tailored to fit your needs. We realize that, when it comes to caring for loved ones, we have to become partners in healing with clients and employees alike. In doing so, we can make a meaningful difference in our patients' lives and become "Another Extension of the Family Tree".

Our Commitment to Quality

With a reputation for integrity and service, our commitment to quality keeps us continually striving to provide the highest-caliber personnel. For every employee, we ensure that health screens, credentials, references, and skills comply with all agency regulations. We are committed to understanding our client needs and ensuring their safety as well as the safety of the patient and the caregivers. We will continue to monitor industry regulations and trends to maintain our quality standards..