Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can service be started?
A: We can usually provide care immediately. But a few day's advance notice helps us place the perfect caregiver for that situation.

Q: Am I obligated for any specific amount of service?
A: The duration of service is completely at your discretion. Care is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, on an hourly basis. A minimum commitment of four hours is required for each shift. Schedules may be regular or sporadic, according to your particular needs.

Q: Before I start service, can I interview the caregiver?
A: Open Arms and Loving Hands is responsible for screening, hiring, managing, and scheduling caregivers. We go to great lengths to scrutinize caregiver candidates, and our hiring process is very extensive. As a result, we are in a very strong position to make the best match between clients and caregivers. If the caregiver we choose is not compatible with you, we will find you someone else immediately.

Q: Who will your major contact be?
A: We ask clients to designate one family member who can be our contact.

Q: How do I cancel my shifts?
A: Our cancellation policy requires a weeks notice to cancel any of your shifts, and the notice needs to be given during regular business hours. Exceptions are made for emergencies.

Q: How do you select your caregivers?
A: Our caregiver candidates are thoroughly interviewed, reference checked, and background checked. If there is anything even remotely questionable about an interviewee, they would not be hired by us. In fact, we ask ourselves whether we would want this person to care for a member of our own family.

Q: What if the assigned caregiver is not compatible?
A: Customer satisfaction is the guiding principle of our success. We pride ourselves on being matchmakers. We ensure that there is a fit with personality as well as skills between our clients and our caregivers. If the caregiver is not compatible, we will find another who is.

Q: What happens if the assigned caregiver is not available?
A: We provide back-up caregivers, so you won't have to worry about being left with no one available during a shift.

Q: How do the caregivers get paid?
A: Our caregivers are employees of Open Arms and Loving Hands. We take care of all employee-related responsibilities, such as wages, taxes, social security, worker's compensation, and liability insurance.

Q: How much do you pay your employees?
A: Open Arms and Loving Hands employees are paid more than competitive wages. We handle all the details, including payroll taxes, Social Security, worker's compensation, and liability insurance. And we treat our employees with dignity. As a result, we have first choice of the best caregivers in the Bay Area. And they, in turn, enjoy their jobs and are loyal to our company.

Q: Do you bond and insure your caregivers?
A: To further protect our clients, Open Arms and Loving Hands bonds and insures our employees, as well as providing theft insurance, employment-practices insurance, and other coverage to our companions.

Q: What are your rates?
A: Our rates vary with the client's particular needs and the caregivers skill set. During our initial conversations with you, we will determine the level of service needed and give a quote based on those needs.

Q: What if there is a couple living together?
A: Our rates are for a single individual. There will be a surcharge for an extra individual living in the home, even if the level of care is the same.

Q: Do insurance or government programs cover the cost of the services?
A: Most long-term-care insurance policies cover the cost. At this time, health insurance and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid do not.

Q: Do you bill before or after your services are rendered?
A: All service is prepaid, and clients are billed on a monthly basis. Service for the first month is due when the Contract for Caregiver Services is signed.

Q: How can I make my payments?
A: We accept major credit cards and personal checks.

Q: How do I cancel the contract?
A: If, for some reason, you need to terminate our services, we require two weeks written notice. A refund will be made for all days of service not rendered.